ponytail beanies & scarf sets

solid set A- black
solid set A-white
solid set A-light pink
solid set A-beige
solid set A-sky blue
solid set A-dark grey
solid set A-khaki
solid set B-black
solid set B-white
solid set B-light pink
solid set B-beige
solid set B-dark grey
solid set B-sky blue
Confetti set A-black
Confetti set A-white
Confetti set A-light grey
Confetti set A-dark grey
Confetti set A-dark red
Confetti set A-beige
Confetti set B-black
Confetti set B-white
Confetti set B-beige
Confetti set B-dark red
Confetti set B-dark grey

Women Ocean ponytail beanies & scarf sets

solid set A= 1 pc solid color ponytail beanie  + 1 pc solid color scarf

solid set B=1 pc solid color ponytail visor +1 pc pc solid color scarf

Confetti set A=1 pc Confetti color ponytail beanie  + 1 pc Confetti  color scarf

Confetti set B=1 pc Confetti color ponytail visor + 1 pc Confetti  color scarf

weight of the ponytail beanie : appro. 90 g ;

weight of the ponytail  visor  : appro. 90 g ;

weight of the solid color scarf  : appro. 160 g ;

weight of the Confetti color scarf  : appro.200 g ;